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Bylaws of the association
"Deutsch-Philippinischer Kulturkreis"

(as of March 2004)

§ 1
Name and headquarter of the association, business year

  1. The assocation is called "Deutsch-Philippinischer Kulturkreis". It has to be registered at the register of associations and gets the suffix "e. V."

  2. Headquarter of the association is Brunswick.

  3. The business year of the association is the calendar year. The first business year starts with the foundation and ends on the follwing Dec. 31 (trunc business year).

§ 2

  1. The purpose of the association is care and intensification of friendships between Germans and Philippine people, advancement of sociability and integration of Philippine people living in Brunswick and support of godparenthood and caritative projects to reduce misery at the Philippines.

  2. According to sentence 1, the culture and landscape of the Philippines shall be presented to Germany.

  3. Possibilities to meet the purproses of this paragraph are performing own events, participiation in public events and common excursions to get to know Germany better.

§ 3
Revenue and expenses

  1. The association does not want to make profit. Revenue created during participation in public events, are used to cover costs or creating a reserve to fulfill the association purposes including support of godparenthood and caritative projects for the Philippines.

  2. The commitee can compensate costs persons have to cover because of their activities for the association. These costs have to be declared by invoices or promise with words of honour. The documents have to be included in the billing papers of the association.

    § 4

  1. The commitee of the association are six persons who have to be members of the association::
    a) 1. President
    b) 2. President
    c) 1. Secretary
    d) 2. Secretary
    e) 1. Cashier
    b) 2. Cashier

    Addionally, a cash auditor has to be elected who cannot be reelected a second time after the first time.

    The 1. and 2. president are authorized to represent the association. They can authorize other members for fulfilling their duty. If the 1. president is not ablefulfill his duty, he will be substituted by the 2. president. The reason for being unable has not to be verified by third parties.
    The management of the association business is basing on decisions taken with bare majority of the commitee.

  2. The committee will be elected by the member meeting for the duration of one year. It can fulfill its duty until a new election or reelection follows is performed.

§ 5
Member meeting

  1. The member meeting has to be called once a year by the committee. Regulary members have to be invited personally and with attention to a timespan of 2 weeks. The agenda declared by the committee has to be sent with the invititation with has to be sent by a standard letter or E-Mail to the last known postal or EMail address of the members. Change or extension requests can be submitted until 1 week before the meeting date.

  2. The member meeting has the following functions:
    a) Acceptance of the account and release of responsibility
    b) Election of the committee
    c) Decision of bylaw changes or elemination of the association.

  1. Exceptional member meetings can be called by an application of at least a quarter of all all regulary members or by decision of the commitee with the same procedure explained in sentence 1.

  2. The member meeting is quorate regardless of the number of present members. The member meeting report has to be signed by a committee member.

  3. The secretary and reporter have to report the decisions and process of every committee meeting, at least location and time of the meeting, name of the meeting manager, the number of present members, polls and bylaw changes.

    § 6

  1. Decisions can be taken by simple majority of the present members. A subsitute by another regulary member is allowed. The subsitute has to present a written declaration.

  2. Bylaw changes require a 2/3 majority of the present members.

§ 7
Membership and fees

  1. Any person can become a member until he or she is at least 18 years old and either be born on the Philippines or married, engaged, related or related by marriage to this person. The membership of the association is free of charge and all what is needed to start or stop is a written agreement. .

  2. The membership ends automatically if the member dd not show any activity, did not react on invitations or did not declare any interest in the association.

  3. A member can be released from the committee membership or from the association membership by the following reasons:
    a) Violation against one or more sentences of the bylaws
    b) Activities not covered by law and order of Germany
    c) Activities damaging the association integrity.

    A 2/3 majority of a member meeting is required for the release.

    § 8
    Elemination of the association, use of the assets

  1. The elemination of the association can be decided by a 2/3 majority of all present members of a member meeting.

  2. With elemination of the association or release of its purpose, the assets have to be used to support a godparentship until the end of an education. If assets are still be left, they have to be used for caritative purproses to reduce misery on the Philippines.

Deutsch-Philippinischer Kulturkreis e. V.