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Country and People




The Philippines are an Asian state, located approximaltely between Malaysia and China (same latitude as Sahara), consist of over 7100 islands (the greatest are Luzon, Manila, Cebu und Palawan) with ca. 90 Million inhabitants. The climate is tropic, hot and wet, with an average temperature of 27 deg. C, and there are only 2 seasons: A wet one (Winter) from November until March and a hot one (Summer) from April until October. Die capital Manila has about 1.6 million inhabitants.
One of the most famous landscapes on the Philippines are a speciality on island Bohol: The "Chocolate Hills", a group of cone grass hills which become brown in autumn and look like chocolate pudding. Besides that, the Philippines offer different landscapes from vulcanos and rain forests to many cavers and grottos, furthermore a rich number of white beaches, coral banks and underwater scenes.



The Philippinos are mostly poor, but very hospitable, simple people who do often not really plan for future. The family is very important, even far relations belong to it. Open criticism has to be avoided if possible. The principle "Service follows reward" is performed daily and a certain corrupttion as well, unfortunaltely. But with friendliness and politeness, there is always a way to master a situation. Women work mostly on markets or in hotels and restaurants, men in transport services, as fisher, farmer or sailor. National sport is basket ball, most popular competition is cock fight, gambling games are Bingo or just cards.



Official language is Filipino, often called Tagalog, but not very correct as Filipino is simplified Tagalog. However, in administrations, justice or medicine services, English is used. Even in Philippino movies, there are moments when just English is been spoken. If a Philippino speaks English, he is supposed to be well educated, the reason why it is prefered. Spanish is rarely used today and if, then only for the day names.



The daily food on the Philippines is rice with fish. Meat will be eaten more rare because it is more expensive. People use to offer sucking-pig on parties. Otherwise, people eat rice with vegetables, rice with eggs, fried rice and lots of sea food. Noodle meals are also popular as well as spring rolls. Unfortunaltey, the Americans imported fast food, so young Philippinos like Hamburger at McDonalds or Pizza at Pizza Hut as well.



Most popular traffic service on the Philippines is the "Jeepney", very creative reconstructed American jeeps. Fares are cheap and taking it also because the stage is where someone is standing. Buses are used only for long distances and more expensive. Between the islands, people use either ferries or a plane. In small villages, it is also possible to take a tricycle.
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